“ This is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join ya, honey”

- Redd Foxx

Upcoming shows

March 11 Punchline Philly

March 12 Punchline Philly

March 13 – 15 Comedy Bar Nashville

March 21 Philly Comedy Club

March 24 World Cafe Live Philadelphia

March 25 – 28 Loony Bin Tulsa

March 31 New York The Pear

April 2 Brick Town Comedy Club

April 3-4 Comedy Works Bristol

April 5 Stand Up Live Phoenix AZ

April 9-11 Nate Jackson’s Super Funny Comedy Club Tacoma WA

April 15 Omaha Funnybone Omaha, NE ,

April 16 Funnybone Comedy Club Des Moines Is

April 17-18 Kansas City Improv Kansas City, MO

April 23-25 Tommy T’s Comedy Club Pleasanton CA

April 30 Stardome Comedy Club Birmingham AL

June 5-6 Funnybone Comedy Club Dayton OH

June 19-21 Toledo Funnybone Toledo OH

July 8 – 11 Loony Bin Little Rock

July 15 – 18 Loony Bin Oklahoma City

July 23 – 25 Loony Bin Wichita

Aug 1 World Cafe Live Philadelphia

September 9 World Cafe Live Philadelphia

September 16 Funnybone Comedy Club Liberty Township OH

September 17 Funnybone Comedy Club Columbus OH,

October 2-3 Denver Improv Denver CO

October 9-11 Improv Comedy Club Cleveland OH

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